85-91.5 Ford Dana 60 Mini Front Truss

85-91.5 Ford Dana 60 Mini Front Truss

  • $195.00

Crawl Works Machine and Fabrication's unique truss design not only sets them apart, but provides the utmost strength where you need it most.  The dual vertical supports made from 1/4' steel combined with with 1/4' top plate and cross braces ensure that the truss and anything attached will outperform your expectations.  

Minor Trimming and fitting may be required, as there are slight variances axle to axle.

Trusses come unwelded and pieces.  They are keyed and slotted for easy mock up and assembly.

(99-04 and 05+ Superduty Axle Trusses only) require 2' of the drivers side differential casting to be trimmed to expose enough axle tube to weld on.